Sharpened Flat logo 2016
  •  SOLD  1971-75 Greco N-55
    fascination of warm and mature tone
For 175 type seekers, this 40 year old vintage plays very warm and mature. It sounds as if each of the aged maple timber particles absorbs my touch and responds with full resonation. I am realizing again why Japan vintages are highly sought after.

From the fact that the logo looks like ‘Gneco’ with no label, no serial number affixed, this guitar dates pre 1975. In fact early 70’s Greco catalogue introduced this model as 50N(1971) / N-50(1972-73) / N-55(1975) featuring full hollow body, trapezoid tail piece, and half block inlay. The Japanese catalogue indicated the fretboard timber as ebony but the English one read ‘Fretboard: Rosewood or Ebony.’ To me it looks more like rosewood.

Considering almost a half century passed since this guitar was born, she still remains in reasonable condition. No major crack or dent on the guitar body except one found around the lower left bout and another on rear neck. Photo explains in detail. Slight neck curvature was unavoidable and trussrod still works so I leave to you adjustment. I am also hearing a bit of fret buzz, due to the curvature and fret wear. Concerned players would like redressing. This genuine vintage is shipped with a gig bag. Please advise if you find any better year-end gift for you than this.