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  •  SOLD  1988 Greco RS-90
    Post-Lawsuit Super Real
Introducing here is Greoc's post-lawsuit era production, RS-90 Super Real. This slimline archtop portrays the culmination of Greco craftsmanship - a figured top, back and sides, mother of pearl and abalone fret inlays, tortoise shell binding and Grover tuners and all luxuries create a stunning instrument inside and out.

Also note on Super Real label, it supposedly lived only up to 1981, here RS-90 was one of the few exceptions Greco allowed to put the same prestige label for late 80's guitars. Design and sound-wise, she surely deserves the highest mark. Interestingly, rumor goes Gibson came up with their take on this guitar several years after (2002) by introducing ES-137. Also for your trivia knowledge, Greco decided to put another zero on the model name from 1989, so RS-90 was renamed RS-900 thereafter.

This very guitar stays in excellent condition, with careful maintenance done. No notable cracks or dings, except natural oxidations on the metal parts. Finally, a leather gig bag ships along to the die-hard fan of Greco Super Real!