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  •  SOLD  1981 Greco SA-1200
    The Ultimate Greco Hollow Body
If you an enthusiastic Japan vintage hollow body lover and seek for more than Super Real, Reborn, Super Grade, Artist, Matsumoku, Fujigen, Terada or whatsoever, Greco SA-1200 will be your ultimate collection, particularly as far as the pickups are concerned. Quite a few of top quality Japan guitars equip themselves with flame maple, spruce with rare piece of rosewood, but Dry Z pickups with their hallucinating sound can only be found in Greco SA-1200 and EGF-1200.

To speak more of Dry Z pickups, Greco back then was extremely keen to carbon-copy PAF pickups. The way they did was repeating the magnetic output test (hundreds of times most likely) by adjusting the strength of original USA-made coils until the engineers find the sound so-called super real, or even surreal. Here is the rough translation of their catalog in 1981 - the DRY pickups breathe and pulsate the very super real resonance and tonality.

In terms of maintenance, this guitar is in excellent condition, showing minor dents around the bottom binding and trace of nut holes on the tuners. Currently Kluson Delux are put on. The case is original as well, with the metal place proudly stating Super Real Series. Welcome to the world of Z, beyond reality!