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  •  SOLD  1976 Greco SA-500
    Compact Body, Competitive Quality
Put up here is Greco's 1975 SA-500, a compact hollow body. ES-339 from Gibson would be the closest match. White Sycamore top, coupled with 3 piece maple neck delivers clear and straight tonality with impressive sustain.

The guitar turns to 40 this year and nothing stops her being categorized as classic vintage, except a few areas you may want to have a careful look at. Chips found on left top cutaway, body bottom, left rim, and headstock top. Dark brown colored paint applied for cover-off. A minor dent on rear side of neck is also photo-taken below so please check out. All of these are pure cosmetic and I don't feel any discomfort at all in playing. Still, if you need further clarification your question is more than welcome.

Moving on, sound-wise it plays warm and smooth, no buzz heard. Very comfortable to play, so your fingers will happily dance over the fretboard. No matter which country you are in, you would be one of the very few collectors owning this rare instrument. This guitar ships along with a compact gigbag.