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  •  SOLD  1973 Greco SA-500
    Earlier generation of Greco 335
On sale is the very 1st generation of Greco 335, SA-500 series under the era of so-called Gneco. Without the serial number and label found on anywhere on the guitar, dating this guitar was a daunting task but luckily I came across the same model on Greco's 1973 catalog.

Design-wise it looks fairly similar to SA-700 in layer years but here SA-500 differs due to full hollow body, in other words no center block present, as photo-taken down below. The small blocks seen on the photo are not the center blocks, they rather are sound posts.

The guitar is in fairly good shape and neck is straight. Down marks - fret buzz on 5th fret of 6th E string and 4th fret of 5th A string. They must be caused by more worn frets on those positions. Also as evidenced by the photo, right hand side cutaway is little bit sunk, resulting in revealing the thin crack between the rim and binding. For me, they are all tolerable because she still plays deep and mellow with impressive resonance. Lastly, the genuine Greco hardshell case comes along to you.