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  •  SOLD  1973 Greco SA-500
    Aesthetics of Round Tile Inlays
Thrilled to introduce a very interesting piece of Greco hollow body. The guitar has no serial number, which gave me a difficult time to figure out the model name until I unscrewed the pickups to find their serial number 13409 having 3 in their second digit. That indicates 1973 (the first digit in their serial number used for administrative purpose and the rest of digits 409 referring to production date of April 9th). In Greco’s 1973 catalog SA-500 looks to be the closest match but judging from the sophisticated design of fret inlay and a different type of tail piece I reckon the guitar must have be customized for a then picky Japanese customer. Please also note, SA-500 from 1974 has changed its shape to a smaller body and instead SA-550 inherited the same gene of earlier SA-500.

This historic instrument is in fine shape but I should agree if you point out a few cosmetics including minor chip-off on the top left headstock, logo inlay slightly taken off, tuners replaced and leaving their original holes pored, both of f-holes losing the ivory binding colors, shoulder strap pin moved and again revealing the original spot, and lastly patched body part around the lower left bout of rear body.

Lastly, I am advised by the buyer to share his description on the guitar: "This guitar is amazing. Although it has been played a lot, in its 50 years of agin, it keeps perfect functionality and intonation. Tone wise, it’s really spectacular: punchy and definite, original Maxon pickups interact marvellously with the gigantic resonance of the woods."