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  •  SOLD  1974 Greco SA-500
    Do You See the Star?
Put up here is Greco's 1974 SA-500, a compact hollow body. ES-339 from Gibson would be the closest match. White Sycamore top, coupled with 3 piece maple neck delivers clear and straight tonality with impressive sustain.

For the last 10 years I have owned 4 of SA-500 guitars but by far this is the most exotic piece. Please take a look at the bottom fret near the neck pickup. Are you able to see the star imprinted on the fretboard? I’ve seen the serial numbers put on vintage Yamaha guitars and 1975 Greco SA-500 (reference -, and seen the model names put on Tokai guitars, but never ever seen a star! Speaking of which, 1973-1974 Greco guitars seem to worship this star logo as they also put it on the tuner pegs. It is very intriguing to figure out what sort of esoteric code hidden behind the stars…

So this mysterious vintage is in very good shape. Looking through the photos, you may notice the visible chip-off on the bottom left corner of the front body. Minor scratches and oxidations are negligible considering that half a century has passed since the guitar was made, also to mention the playability, all parts work fine, neck straight, she is as good as it can be played at a gig, but for any concerning areas, please feel free to ask.