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  •  SOLD  1975-76 Greco SA-550
    An Expressionist - As Versatile As Possible
This is the 1st generation of Greco SA-550, best known for Gibson 330 replica with superior quality but honest price. Split center blocks (one near neck pickup and another near tailpiece) result in maximizing resonation. She plays crossover sounds, from bright & clear tone to soft distortion.

The key features of the 1st generation are the trapezoid tailpiece, looking very close to Gibson, which helped the soundwave from the body vibrate sharp, even up to the point where it sounded a little buzzy. Revamping the design, Greco in 1978 decided to replace the tailpiece with STP (Stop Tail Piece).

Also notable is he crown emblem which later disappears in 1979 model, most probably to get around the lawsuit from Gibson. The beard top of the headstock on this first generation is another key sign of Gibson lawsuit.

Speaking of maintenance and the general condition, I still wonder how more than 30 year-aged guitar hardly leaves any scratch or wear. It is most likely that the previous owner made an impulse-driven purchase and never played. Sound-wise, warm & clean at the neck pickup, overdrive feel at the bridge pickup, and the hybrid can be played with 3 way switch. Intonation / action are all good to go. This beauty is delivered to you with the original hsardsehll case.