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  •  SOLD  1979 Greco SA-550
    2nd Generation of Greco 335 - No Tailpiece
When it comes to Greco 335 copies, the more I dig in the more intrigued I find myself. The most recent finding is the different sizes of center blocks from SA-550 and SA-700. Both guitars were inspired more from ES-330 than ES-335, where ES-330 is a full thinline hollow body while ES-335 runs the center block all through the body. Or speaking in more specific terms, both of SA-550 and SA-700 run partial center block, in other words a square block under the bridge. Epiphone Wildkat has similar structure. Interestingly, looking into the thinline bodies of SA-550 and SA-700 revealed much bigger block on SA-550 than SA-700... maybe too trivial?

SA-550 listed here prides herself in excellent shape. Bindings, lacquer, hardware and frets wear very little, considering her debut in 1979. In fact there was some oxidation going on at the bridge so I replaced it with another Japan-made brand new piece. But for serious buyers, the areas marking the guitar down that I have to point out are no pickup covers and slight neck bow, for which I didn't feel any discomfort when playing this vintage at my jazz live. To prove, a sample audio is taken and I let you judge. Guitar solo starts at 4:40. Also note, currently D'addario Nickel Wound Jazz Light Gauge strings (012 to 052) are put on.