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  •  SOLD  1975-76 Greco SA-550
    An Expressionist - As Versatile As Possible
This is the 1st generation of Greco SA-550, best known for Gibson 330 replica with superb quality at humble price. Split center blocks (one near neck pickup and another near tailpiece) result in maximizing resonance and versatility. She plays crossover of jazz/rock/blues, from bright & clear tone to soft distortion.

The key features of the 1st generation are the trapezoid tailpiece, looking very close to Gibson, which helped the sound wave from the strings transmit throughout the body with rich impression. Revamping the design, Greco in 1978 ended up replacing the tailpiece with STP (Stop Tail Piece).

Also notable is he crown emblem which disappeared in 1979 model of the next generation, most probably to get around the lawsuit from Gibson. The beard top of the headstock on this first generation was another vivid sign of Gibson lawsuit.

Speaking of maintenance and the overall condition, I have to tell you I've owned dozens of Greco SA-550 and SA-700 so far, and this guitar sits at near the top seat, considering in particular the prestine condition of ivory bindings, of which I see the moderate degress of wear at almost every Greco SA semi-hollow body guitars. (It is most likely that the previous owner made an impulse-driven purchase at his youth during the peak era of Japan's economy bubble, and has never played since.) A concerned buyer would still want to check the minor scratches on top-left bout and a seemingly lacquer wear on the rear side of neck. To compensate the cosmetics, I am shipping this bueaty with a luxury hardshell case.