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  •  SOLD  1979 Greco SA-550
    An Expressionist - As Versatile As Possible
Greco SA-550 is best known for Gibson 330 replica with superb quality at humble price. Showcasing here is the last generation of SA-550, Fujigen-made, equipped with split center blocks (one near neck pickup and another near tailpiece) resulting in maximizing resonance and versatility. She plays crossover of jazz/rock/blues, from bright & clear tone to soft distortion.

The key features of the last generation are the stop tailpiece (STP), evolving from the trapezoid one, to suppress excessive feedback. Pros and cons on the different type of tailpiece exist, here the merit of STP comes up with the calmer sound with effective cut of vibration. Another change, quickly to point out, is removing the crown emblem and redesign of headstock shape, maybe to get around the lawsuit from Gibson…

I mark the condition of this guitar as Fair, reason being that there are a few traces of dings, wear on the top layer of lacquer, and chip-off around the body. Now you may be interested in the quality of the guitar – to prove, I went ahead to play a sample tune and I felt very comfortable in moving across the frets, which indicates very little fret wear. Also to mention, trussrod is adjusted to ideal level so no fret buzz is heard. Final comment: it proves again that SA-550 is such a loveable hollow body.