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  •  SOLD  1975-76 Greco SA-550
    A Fascinatingly Mellow Impressionist
A very fine vintage of Greco SA-550, best known for Gibson 330 replica with superb quality at humble price, is looking for the new owner.

Manufactured from 1975 to 1976, this model of SA-550 represents its first generation, which features the trapezoid tailpiece which helps the sound wave from the strings transmit all along the body with rich impression. The tailpiece design lasted till 1978, at which time Greco adopted the next generation with STP (Stop Tail Piece).

The crown emblem on the headstock also symbolizes the early days of SA-550. It disappeared in 1979 model, most probably to get around the lawsuit from Gibson. The beard top of the headstock on this first generation was another vivid sign of Gibson lawsuit.

Also to note, commonly found from the different versions of SA-550s, two split center blocks (or soundposts some people say) near neck pickup and another near tailpiece result in maximizing the acoustic resonance. She plays crossover of jazz/rock/blues, from bright & clear tone to soft distortion.

Now let's talk about the maintenance and cosmetics. Once every a few years I come across with the mid 70's SA-550s in immaculate condition for its age. Is it because of my pure luck, or because the guitars were the prototypes (judging from the missing labels expected inside the f hole)? I just can't explain how a half century old guitar can stay as ever young as this. Having said, I am much certain that the guitar, along with an upscale leather bag, will delight the new owner.