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  •  SOLD  1977 Greco SA-550
    A Mellow Impressionist
Greco SA-550 is my favorite thing and I am sad to let her go. I am particularly fond of late 70’s SA-550 as the guitar represents the crest of so-called lawsuit period, where solid body and hollow body guitars notably from Greco and Tokai seriously challenged Gibson’s craftsmanship, hence the lawsuits have been filed against the Japanese rising stars. Interestingly, the crown emblem on the headstock disappeared from 1979 model, most probably to get around the dispute.

This 1977 model features the trapezoid tailpiece which helps the sound wave from the strings transmit all along the body with rich impression. Later models started adopting the next generation with STP (Stop Tail Piece), so it can be said this guitar comes from the last batch of first generation.

With regard to maintenance and cosmetics, a moderate level of oxidation and minor scratches are negligible but as far as playability is concerned nothing compromises. I hear fret buzz along 2-5 frets on 6th string. Neck is straight and trussrod can be adjustable both ways. Moving the action higher than the current set up of 1.5mm at 12th fret will remove the buzz but I leave to you further tuning.

Final words - I mark the grade of the guitar as Good but I believe you wouldn’t disagree if I put it as Very Good or Excellent. Finding a 46 year old Greco hollow body, particularly walnut finish, in this fine condition is getting rarer and rarer.