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  •  SOLD  1976 Greco SA-550
    1st Generation of SA-550
Listing up here the first generation of Greco legendary lawsuit hollow body SA-550, best known for Gibson 330 replica with superb quality at humble price.

A quick summary on each generation of SA-550: 1975 and 1976 model is slightly smaller frame than 1977 onwards. Also first gen features the trapezoid tailpiece which helps the sound wave from the strings transmit all along the body with a rich impression. Later it was replaced with STP (Stop Tail Piece). Another very interesting fact, the first gen does not have label affixed, but by looking at the serial number of pickups (Maxon Onpa) where the second digit of 16124 indicates six, meaning it is made in 1976.

When it comes to the maintenance, all parts functioning, neck straight, little oxidation on pickup covers and tuners, but you may notice moderate level of binding wear and a bit of rust around the tailpiece bottom where the bolts screwed. To an accepting buyer I will ship this beauty in its original hardshell case.