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  •  SOLD  1977 Greco SA-550
    1st Generation of SA-550
Very thrilled to showcase the first generation of Greco legendary lawsuit hollow body SA-550, best known for Gibson 330 replica with superb quality at humble price.

Over the last decade I have owned 15 guitars of the same model in different generations, but this is one of the best. Near perfection of cosmetic is one thing but the frets, nut and neck are at its greatest condition. Please note almost half a century has passed since the guitar was made. I was very surprised myself to hear no buzz at all over the frets and strings. Absolutely beautiful!

The only issue, if I ever had to pick, is the 3 way switch being slippery, rolls back when moving to bridge pickup. A bit of force is required to stick the switch. If this is acceptable for you, I will ship this amazing vintage with its original hardshell case.

Lastly a trivia – the first generation of SA-550 features the trapezoid tailpiece which helps the sound wave from the strings transmit all along the body with a rich impression. Later it was replaced with STP (Stop Tail Piece).