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  •  SOLD  1973-1975 Greco SA-550
    A Star is Born
An increasingly rarer and thus highly sought-after Greco SA-550 on sale. The full hollow body is apparently inspired by Gibson ES330, and if you are a Greco fan you may know the lawsuit stories around these replicas including SA-700/900 vs ES-335 and SA-800 vs ES-345/355, which obviously have driven up the popularity of Greco (semi) hollow bodies.

Dating this guitar, I can relate the circle on left top of r in Greco logo to the period of 1973-75, where arguably the first generation of SA-550 was manufactured. Another key feature of early generation is the trapezoid tailpiece, which helps the sound wave from the strings transmit all along the body with a rich impression. It was replaced with STP (Stop Tail Piece) in late 70’s production.

When it comes to cosmetics, this half century old guitar still stays in amazingly good shape, except the binding wears admittedly. You will still be very happy to see no oxidation, no cracks, no dings or dents. Also a quick tip to a potential buyer, when you see early 70's of Greco with star-printed headstocks, it is a must buy, because they are rapidly extinguishing and the next time you see them again it won’t be the same price. I can tell you this from my own experience - this is my 16th SA-550 guitar over a decade and I still regret selling them at half price 10 years ago!