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  •  SOLD  1987 Greco SA-64-60
    Super Real, for Its Namesake
I've owned dozens of Greco guitars and this is one of the finest. Super Real series set really a high bar from the rest of Greco's. Normally 30 years-aged guitar would easily show binding cracks, lacquer wear, or fret curvature, none of which is the case for this impeccable beauty. She deserves the acclaim of Mint Collection as Greco then promoted on their catalogue.

2 modification done on this guitar though, firstly, pickups were replaced with EMG 81 (neck) + Dimarzio DP156 (bridge). EMG pickups have 9V battery connected via wire, for you information. Secondly, tuners were upgraded to sturdy Grover ones from the original Kluson types. This left foorprint of holes so I had one of Tokyo's best luthier (Hayashi in ESP guitar work shop) take care of cosmetics. Other than this, the guitar is in graceful and excellent condition.

Giving you an idea of how to interpret the model name, SA-64-60 is the combination of Semi Acoustic (hollow body) + 335's year 1964 profile + retail price JPY 60,000. A few years later Greco raised the price, so this became SA64-70. Note please, both of them are rarest of the lawsuits. There wouldn't be any better Christmas gift for you than this. A brand new gig bag comes along with guitar.