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  •  SOLD  1986 Greco SA-64-60
    Super Real, For Its Namesake
I've owned dozens of Greco guitars and this is one of the finest. Super Real series clearly stands out of Japan vintages, often compared with Tokai Reborn series in its materpiece craftsmanship. Spekaing of the condition of this gutiar, a magnificient beauty with fine maintenance deserves A/A- mark. As the photos self-explain, nut holes from original tuners on the backend of headstock and minor chip-off on top righthand corner of the bridge pickup must be the only visible traces of touch-up and aging, the rest is in prestine quality.

To give you an idea of how to interpret the model name, SA-64-60 comes from the combination of Semi Acoustic (hollow body) + Gibson 335's 1964 profile + retail price JPY 60,000. A few years after its initial production Greco raised the price, so came SA64-70 along. Note please, both of them are the rarest of the Greco vintages. A sturdy gigbag is shipped together to a keen buyer of this mesmerizing hollow body.