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  •  SOLD  1978 Greco SA-700
    A Beautiful Classic Vintage
A fascinating wine red 335 copy from Greco, manufactured by Fujigen in decent condition. Previously I had 2 x SA-550 which I loved loved loved so much in its versatile tonality and great resonation. Again this charming SA-700 surprises me, playing beautiful even with clear and long sustain featured by U-2000 pickups.

Born in 1978, this guitar is aged 36 years and minor chips and cracks were unavoidable. The detailed photos show wear on headstock and rim. Still, as an experienced collector I see these can be rated as excellent maintenance and as far as its playability is concerned there is absolutely no compromise. Note blues, jazz and crossover players, SA-700 is a serious challenger to ES335. I ship this guitar with a sturdy hard case.