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  •  SOLD  1974-75 Greco SA-700
    A Beautiful Classic Vintage
Japan vintage 335 seekers, here's a very fine Greco cherry red SA-700. Played by one owner (for short time and slept in the cabinet ever since), thus carefully maintained and gracefully aged, this beauty does not show any binding cracks or lacquer wear except a minor chip off the left top corner of rear headstock. Whenever I obtain a 1970's Greco guitar I am expected to come across a certain degress of cracks, dents and wear, but this doesn't apply to this guitar.

With no serial number inscribed and no label affixed I had to refer to Greco catalog for identification and noticed 1974-75 model had exactly the same features and design. Interestingly, the split parallelogram inlay, typically seen at late 1960's ES-335, coupled with trapezoid tailpiece which appeared less frequently at ES-335 but rather more at ES-345, have all been changed to block inlay and stop tailpiece on its later version. Can this be explained as Greco sneaking away from lawsuit...

This guitar sounds and plays mesmerizing. The center block spans through the body but stops slightly above the bottom, leaving rooms for sound waves to resonate. You become the next owner and experience the amazing sound! I am shipping this guitar along with the original hardshell case.