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  •  SOLD  1974 Greco SA-700
    The very first generation
A couple months ago I've found an early 70's SA-700 labeled Greco(neither Gneco or GRECO). Split parallelogram inlay and trapezoid tailpiece, matching exactly Greco's 1974-75 catalog, led me to believe it was the first generation of SA-700... until I came across a Gneco SA-700. 'r' from Greco logo shows more like 'n', that's what Gneco was named after. Those Gneco guitars were made pre 1975, thus the SA-700 you are watching now is the very first generation model and it obviously has historic value. While inheriting ES-335 (and ES-345) design, the 1st generation Gneco SA-700 had jack outlet on the bottom right corner of the body rim. But the key differentiator was no center block in place. Because of this the guitar weighs only 2.9kg.

It is highly intriguing to explore the difference of this 1st generation model. The iconic star-printed tuners are nostalgic? How about the location of strap pin. It used be on the top left hand of cutaway, but the previous owner preferred on the back. Moving this left a trace and can be identified by the photo below.

Lacquer wear is found on hill and rear neck. Chips off the headstock top is minor but need mentioned. Apart from this, do you see any indication on this guitar being ever played? It is really a mystery, how can a over 40 year-old guitar stay in such a museum quality? The previous owner admits he replaced the wiring, as you see in the photo of orange caps, but did he ever strum? Frets are as if never touched. Plugging the guitar into amp, I hear the surreal resonance. Who wants to share this goose bump experience? (To those who wonder the initials on the trussrod cover: Greco shipped customized trussrod with the buyer's initial imprinted as marketing campaign)