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  •  SOLD  1982 Greco SA-700
    Featuring bi-sound switch, hardly seen!
Showcasing here is a 'rarer' type of Greco SA-700 in that it features an additional switch for converting between single coil and humbucker, and different-shaped tuners. The label fixated inside the f-hole also reads 'Full Bodied Master Sound', nonetheless the manufacturer being same as Fujigen for its earlier models.

For a brief history of SA-700 evolution, its early 70's generation had split parallelogram inlays and tail piece connecting the bridge and bottom pin, while later 70's and onward the inlays have been replaced with blocks and stop tail piece removed. Inhering the same gene of late 70's, the guitar listed here nonetheless was crafted with unique features and has appeared only a few times in the market, which leads me to believe it must have been a custom solution.

Thin scratches on the body back and open string buzz on 6th string, which is not heard when plugged in to amp, have to be mentioned in terms of its beautiful condition. I am shipping the guitar with a sturdy gig bag to the next owner of this Japan vintage masterpiece.