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  •  SOLD  1978 Greco SA-700
    335 from Greco's golden era
Up for sale is Greco's interpretation on ES 335. From early 70's Greco has started churning out SA-700 through a few generations of design change, and according to Greco's 1978 catalog there are 2 different types, one with tailpiece and one without, which they called STP (Stop Tail Piece). Merit of tailpiece? I should say it boosts resonance and sounds more bluesy, jazzy, classy, or you name it!

The guitar stayed fairly well over 40 years, with a bit of signs on aging. Oxidation on hardware including pickups are seen, and binding lacquer cracks of red vertical lines contrasts the original color of ivory. Yet there is no compromise in terms of playability - Pots functioning all good, no buzz heard, and most of all, she sounds expressive, thus impressive and you would surely want to add SA-700 to your japan vintage collection.