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  •  SOLD  1975 Greco SA-700
    335 from Greco's golden era
Up for sale is Greco's interpretation on ES 335. From early 70's Greco has started churning out SA-700 through a few generations of design change, and according to Greco's 1978 catalog there are 2 different types, one with tailpiece and one without, which they called STP (Stop Tail Piece). Merit of tailpiece? I should say it boosts resonance and sounds more bluesy, jazzy, classy, or you name it. As you may also be aware, SA-700 features center block in comparison to her fully hollow body SA-500

The guitar stayed fairly well over 40 years, with a bit of signs on aging - Oxidation on hardware, fading colors of inlays, lower left hand side binding slightly off from the neck, and frets fairly worn. Yet there is no compromise in terms of playability - Pots functioning all good, no buzz heard. Lastly as a bonus, a genuine hardshell case comes along with ever sought-after vintage.