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  •  SOLD  1979 Greco SA-700
    335 from Greco's golden era
Up for sale is Greco's interpretation on ES 335. Since early 70's Greco has started churning out SA-700 over a few generations of design change. Interestingly, Greco's 1978 catalog displays 2 different types of SA-700, one with tailpiece and one without. The latter is named STP(Stop Tail Piece). Key differences are resonance boost with tailpiece vs clear sound, thus minimizing string buzz. Also note, in either cases the guitar features center block in comparison to her fully hollow body SA-550.

Looking at the cosmetics I am impressed with her pristine shape over 40 years. Have yourself a detailed watch and let me know if you find any area which may require magnified view. Sound-wise, frets are 60-70% left and I still feel very comfortable moving fingers all over the fretboard. Please check out the sample music clip below for proof.

As you also see, unfortunately the case handle is broken and a strap tied on its behalf. Not much to worry about, isn't it? I love this guitar, and I know you will.