Sharpened Flat logo 2016
  •  SOLD  1973-75 Greco SA-700
    Short-lived Greco with circle logo
Excited to introduce Greco's flagship hollow body vintage SA-700! What distinguishes this guitar from the same models from other period is the circle on left top of r in Greco logo. Japanese websites indicate this must be from 1973-75, and it is arguable whether this type of logo or Gneco(r looking more like n mostly from 1974-75) model deserves the very first generation of Greco hollow body.

Considering the guitar is turning soon to 50 years old there were a few notable cosmetics, firstly the rear bottom was taken a bit off from the rim. Photos around the bottom and right rim taken for your analysis. Knobs were replaced, also were tuners. Brand new Grover Deluxe tuners were not cheap, costing $80 just to let you know.

Greco SA-700, SA-800, SA-900 and SA-1200 are my all time favorite. Their superb quality and surreal resonance never fail living up to my expectation. A pure jazz lover, you wouldn't want to miss this beauty, so Good Luck!