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  •  SOLD  1975-1979 Greco SA-700
    2nd Generation Prototype
I discovered a mysterious vintage of Greco semi-hollow, hereby want to share with you. The guitar must be SA-700 and date somewhere around 1975 to 1978, based on a few crucial findings – firstly the guitar has center block run beneath the body. Second, the dual parallelogram inlay were adopted in their mid 70’s SA-700 models. And another fact, the stop tail piece started showing on late 70’s models.

I believe this guitar was rather a prototype, not the mass production model. Here are the differences from the ordinary SA-700s: I haven’t seen any SA-700 having parallelogram inlay at 1st fret. Also the tone knob of bridge pickup is located further away from the F-hole. Lastly, and sorrowfully, the lacquer has been finished in less professional way, leaving the red stain along the bindings. This is the reason why I mark this guitar in Fair condition.

If the abovementioned cosmetics including the replacement to non-original bridge and tailpiece can be forgiven, you will then be happy to hear how amazing the guitar sound. Comfortable neck with straight neck and low action let you play the instrument effortlessly. This proves Greco vintage never disappoints you.