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  •  SOLD  1979 Greco SA-800
    Inspired by Gibson ES-345
Put up here is Greco's thorough replica of Gibson 345, so called BB King Lucille model. The most distinguishable feature of this series is Varitone Switch, which enables you to express 6 different tones from the preset tonality palette.

Not to mention, this guitar was highly acclaimed by Jazz musician when it was first introduced late 70's in Japan, and it has now become one of the most wanted lawsuit guitars.

Condition-wise, a small dent near the left F hole, moderate oxidation on metal parts, and nut was supported by thin wood block to adjust the fret height. Also note, the tonality generated by varitone switch is very subtle to differentiate, for which I doubted the internal circuit was properly wired, so I took the guitar to a luthier (ESP workshop in Tokyo) and they verified the wiring seems to be properly done. Just for your information. (Sample music attached below. Guitar solo starts around 1:54)