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  •  SOLD  1978 Greco SA-800
    Inspired by Gibson ES-345
Put up here is Greco's carbon copy replica of Gibson ES 345, so called BB King Lucille model. Look at the dial! It is obviously the most distinguishable feature of this model. The Varitone switch, also known as rotary switch, enables you to express 6 different tones from the preset tonality palette by reducing frequencies passing through capacitors. this unique feature not to mention attracted many of the blues and jazz musicians when it was first introduced late 70's in Japan, and it has now become one of the most wanted lawsuit guitars.

Speaking of the maintenance, natural oxidations on the hardware and visible lacquer wear on the body may concern you, and note that the circuit has been rewired in a way that the single set of volume and tone can control both of neck and bridge pickup, meaning that the wires are cut from another set of volume and tone knob (the knobs for the bridge pickups in ordinary guitars).

To those who are less in favor of altered circuit, a decent level of discount has been applied for those cosmetics, but there is no compromise for playability. To prove, I added a sample video with Roland Jazz Chorus and in my opinion, it just sounds so warm and lovely!