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  •  SOLD  1977 Greco SA-900
    Japanese portrait of Electric Spanish 335
Here is the long awaited vintage, Greco SA-900, born in 1977 under the Project Series era. Many of Japanese and non-Japanese guitar forums say in unison that SA-900 is one of the closest copy of Gibson ES 335. Attention paid to every single detail, from the design of open book headtop, crown emblem, double cutaway, to the same combination of maple top/back, 3 piece maple neck and rosewood fretboard. To keep its authentic value I didn't replace the oxidated tuners but bridge, knobs and pickup covers had to be replaced. All other parts are original. The photos below show moderate wear of bindings but I would rather like it as the sign of graceful aging.

With regard to playability, the original Maxon pickups express warm jazzy or rich creamy rock tonality. I have to admit string buzz is heard on 5th and 6th strings but it disappears when amp is plugged in. Lastly to the lucky owner, a hardcase is flying over together.