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  •  SOLD  1978 Greco SA-900
    Exclusive Lineup of Project Series
The Japan hollow body seekers, listen up - here we have another SA-900 in stock, and again the Greco-made legendary vintage brought me a great pleasure. I am just wondering why I am so excited about this particular model, is this because SA-900 was known to be one of the closest, or even better performing, as some argue, ES335 replica? From my research the 1978 and 1979 Greco catalogs (in Japanese) give some hints: SA-900, till SA-1200 made debut in 1980, has been Greco’s most proud, and obviously the most expensive semi-hollow in their SA series. In fact Greco put SA-900 in a separate category named Project Series, which were not in mass production, rather order-made, indicating they were handcrafted with much smaller volumes than their low end models. ‘Faultless Case’ label affixed on the case was another indicator of the Project Series. When Greco delivered the guitar in that case, according to the catalog, they guaranteed lifetime maintenance to the original buyer. Alas, unfortunately I am not the candidate of lifetime service!

Quickly commenting the condition, if you are ok with the oxidations on metal parts, this guitar will absolutely delight you. As you may hear from the sample video clip, the warm and rich tone clear from any effects (only through the mixer with a bit of reverb and equalizer) delivers a tranquility to you and thus calms your mind. Namaste!