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  •  SOLD  1978 Greco SV-600
    Super View by Innovative Design
On sale is SV-600 from 'Super View' series, OEM manufactured by Fujigen. When compared with 335 model Greco SA series, SV features slim compact body and thus has been favored by jazz, blues, rock and crossover players. Its wider range of tonality from warm and mellow to tight and solid sound was another clear distinguisher, let alone the comfortability from its lighter weight.

This gracefully aged 45 year-old beauty leaves binding wear along the neck and body. I had my favorite ESP repair shop in Tokyo touch up the missing fit. To a concerned buyer, a reasonable discount has been factored in.

The guitar wills surely attract you with bound set neck and mesmerizing classic cherry red color, finished by subtle flame. Electronics and hardware (chrome), tulip tuners, adjustable bridge and stop tailpiece are all original. Thinner 60s neck profile is set with low action. Once hooking up to amp, you will find this guitar becoming part of your body and dancing along with your fingers. In summary, you will experience the ideal combination of slender neck plus compact body. A pure delight!