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  •  SOLD  1979 Greco SV-800
    Greco's post-lawsuit upscaled 335
SV-800 features several interesting design aspects. SV short for Super View, or previously, Small View, has a smaller body and is often called Greco's 339. Very intriguingly however, SV 800 may have wanted to set herself clearly from the other semi hollow copies by introducing Torch logo, golden parts, and uniquely designed Divided inlay, made out of mother or pearls. The crown headstock top can be thought of as a finishing touch? This walnut-finished guitar gracefully matches the elegant gold hardwares. A very tempting and remarkable vintage.

So this guitar has become one of my favorite axes and these days I am playing her on my weekly jazz gigs. Very comfortable frets, no fret buzz, all parts functioning excellent, no neck bow, it is such as lovable guitar. To the next owner, a sturdy hardcase ships along.