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  •  SOLD  1973 Greco TE-400
    Heyday of Matsumoku Craftsmanship
On sale is Greco’s early 70 telecaster model TE-400, a rare vintage with much historic value. Very interestingly, TE-400 had a few varieties where some of 1972 model have 2 x single pickups and truss rod adjuster on the headstock end, while 1973 model equips 2 x humbuckers and truss rod adjuster moving to the opposite end. Also noticeable was some of TE-400 models have Register mark (R) next to Greco, well this must be too trivial?

The most impressive feature on this guitar is obviously the Matsumoku tag on the bolt neck screw plate. What made Greco one of the most sought-after Japan vintage must be the their brilliant manufacturers – Matsumoku in early 70’s, followed by Fujigen and Terada music. In fact Matsumoku made much contribution to other brands, notably the golden jewels of Aria Pro II.

Back to this 49 year-old guitar, considering its age maintenance has been well done. No major cracks or dings. Natural oxidation and some scratches are unavoidable as the photos indicate. For shipment, a Fender gigbag comes along but for the safer delivery detaching the bolt neck would also be a good idea.