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  •  SOLD  1988 Greco WF-140
    Greco meets Gretsch White Falcon
Showcasing here is the legendary Greco White Falcon WF-140, very short-lived, thus very rare masterpiece. At a glance you may easily identify Greco WF wanted to be a thorough copy of Gretsch's WF, even from the logo design on headstock. Having very similar features though, a bit of customization done to suit Japanese local market, for example scale being 311mm with 21 frets, little shorter to Gretsch being 324mm with 22 frets.

Greco WF only appears on their 1988 catalog, according to which neck is maple 3 piece. Also noticeable is Greco put fret bar installed at 0 fret. Maybe an idea to get around the obvious lawsuit from Gretsch?

Speaking of which, Greco pretty much graduated their copying convention from 1980's. The serial number A880721 indicates this guitar was manufactured in 1988 (by Fujigen). Around that time Greco already stood alone and was churning out their own models, for example RS (Rock Star) series for their Super Real hollow bodies. All these being considered, WF-140 is a unique and provocative challenge for Greco, rather an experiment? That explains why it soon disappeared from the market...

The photos below show some oxidation done on the metal parts. Minor scratches were unavoidable for her about 30 year life, also relatively more visible due to white body / neck. Still, Falcon pickguard stays intact and looks vividly remarkable. A sturdy hardcase comes along to the keen collector / player.