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  •  SOLD  2010 Greco Zemaitis GZ-2600
    Magnificent Inlays
On sale is Greco Zemaitis GZ-2600 Heart inlay, made in Japan. What an irresistible beauty of the metal top and pearl inlay. This guitar brings you to the center of attention on the stage, while it turns your guitar room into a museum gallery. No wonder why she has been beloved by the legendary guitar players including Ronnie Wood, Keith Richard, Eric Clapton, just to name a few.

The guitar is in excellent condition. No curvature found, and action / intonation are all good. Not to mention playability, so have a listen to the recorded audio clip. Lastly, a minor chip off the lower body back. If you are ok with this, an original hardshell case flies off to your home to shine your flamboyant guitar collection.