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  •  SOLD  1995 History HS-175
    Same gene inherited from ES-175
To those who are less familiar with History brand, it is one of the brands produced by Shimamura music, a major music instrument retailer in Japan. A quick comparison to the US would be Guitar Center maybe?

Shimamura music obviously has close connections to the Japanese guitar manufacturers, so thus History guitars have been manufactured by the legendary guitar maker Terada music. Yes, Greco and Ibanez guitars were their brilliant products in heydays of 70’s and 80’s.

Their single cutaway full hollow body HS-175 adopted the same gene of Gibson ES-175, of which Shimamura seemingly had prototype license. Speaking in more details, the guitar adopted Orville by Gibson ES-175 body and the same type of pickups but features thin lacquer finish to maximize the resonance, in comparison to Orville’s poly-urethan finish.

Having said, playing the guitar will take you back to 1950’s classic vintage sound and tonality. Finally, I have little to comment about the very fine status of maintenance, showing only minor chips of wood on the rear headstock. This lovely piece of instrument will fly to your doorstep with a sturdy hardcase from Takamine.