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  •  SOLD  2004 History ZMS-CFS (BS)
    Compact body with Comfortable frets
For those who encounter 'History' brand for the first time, it is a house brand of Shimamura gakki(music shop in Japanese), one of the prominent musical instrument franchises in Japan. The guitar itself is made by Fujigen, which has been crafting OEM guitars for Ibanez, Greco, and Yamaha since 1960, so there is no compromise to top quality.

Paying extreme attention to detail is easily verified, for example by looking at the wires sealed by foils, which I've hardly seen in any other guitar wires. Also to touch the remarkable features of this guitar, firstly CFS (Circle Fretting System) is a patent fretting mechanism. Frets are arched toward headstock rather than put straight. This levels out the scale of each string, thus helps you play the right tone at the right harmonized pitch.

Also, Elite Finish refers to the curved finish on the fret edges, which facilitates smooth position moving and enhances stylish expression of the sound.

This guitar is in super mint condition, except a few very thin scratches on the rear body which you wouldn't even notice at a glimpse.

Original gig bag + accessories including the full set of History original strings(in addition to the ones strung on the guitar), hex wrench, pick, cable are all coming along with this beautiful guitar.

Lastly, please find the sample music link below in the table to hear how this guitar sounds and plays (Song: My Favorite Things, Amp: Boss JS-8, Effector: Contemporary Jazz in Boss JS-8, Backing Track: Band in a Box Organ Waltz Trio).