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  •  SOLD  1988 Ibanez AE-200
    The Rarest Artstar, Electro Acoustic
Watch out! This is AE200, neither AS200 nor AM200. The warm, soft, versatile and light playing semi-hollow rarity says hello to the vintage seeker!

It has a piezo pickup under the bridge and a mini-humbucker in neck position, and you can balance the pickups from full bucky for a jazz tone to just acoustic with the piezo. This out-of-the-box design is backed up by the thin parallel sound holes between the pickup and the bridge. Also the center block which would normally spans beneath the body is scaled down and sits between the guitar body and the knobs.

This model was marketed and sold in Japan only. Some forum argues she is one of the most elusive of Japan vintages. In saying so, if you are serious fan of 80's Ibanez holy grail hollow bodies, AE200 should be added to your must collect item, along with the very famous AS200 (scaled up as JSM100 later), the king of small body AM200 and the most rarely found AF200. Check out the bottom at the bottom of this article. Having AE/AF/AM/AS will qualify you as the real Ibanez vintage collector!