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  •  SOLD  1983 Ibanez AM-205
    A Small but Giant Artist
Introducing AM 205, an Artist Stagemaster Series guitar by Ibanez (manufactured by Terada Gakki). Comfortably sized and lightweight but plays full, warm and sweet with impressive sustain. She is in decent condition and all parts functioning great. Who would believe this is a 30 year-old instrument.

This splendid small body features a lot similar to its bigger hollow rival AS series. A classy rendering of double cutaway body, contrast of gold hardware VS ivoroid pickup rings, Ibanez' characteristic Super Grip II control knobs which commonly appear in most of Ibanez' high end hollow bodies including LR, GB and AR series, and Gibraltor bridge etc. All of these define the legendary 'Artist' series quality.

Looking through the photos you may notice the transparent pickguard. Due to the original one missing, the previous owner self-made and installed instead. The binding wear around the body rim has to be mentioned, but no other comment in terms of dings dents cracks or noticeable scratches. Lastly, this elegant vintage comes along with hard case to the lucky owner.