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  •  SOLD  1989 Ibanez AM-400
    Happy Marriage of Hollow and Solid
For those who are less familiar with Ibanez solid / hollow body models, their signature lineups were GB(George Benson), JSM & AS(John Scofield), JP(Joe Pass), LR(Lee Ritenour), AR(solid body), AM(mahogany semi hollow), AF(full hollow) and AE(piezo pickup electro acoustic). Under this categorization, I initially thought AM400 inherited the same gene of semi hollow AM series but the authentic design of single F hole sets this piece clearly apart. Also distinguishable are highly acclaimed Super 58 pikcups and sustain clearing Gibraltar II bridge.

So this thin body, semi solid beauty stays in great condition. No visible crack, ding, chip, wear. Mild oxidation is the only thing you would want to argue? Note, the accompanying gig bag has zipper broken so repair would be required. For your information, the retail price of this guitar when marketed in 1989 was 125,000 yen. Comparably, the then price of AS200 was 135,000 yen.