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  •  SOLD  1984 Ibanez AR-100 Artist
    Dawn of the post lawsuit
A rare beauty of Ibanez Artist AR-100 Cheery Sunburst is waiting for new owner! Made in 1984, this historic vintage represents the golden age of Ibanez craftsmanship. Graduating from the fierce battle of Gibson lawsuit in 70's, also with the plenty of the lesson and experience learned, Ibanez started driving their direction to the unique design and concept. Artist series, whose iconic models include AR-100, AR-300 and AS-200, was the very culmination in their production.

Introducing the feature of this guitar, mahogany body with maple top in combination with Super 58 pickups plays Les Paul sound with the longest sustain ever. Fits nicely in rock, blues and metal. Aged about 30 year old, this guitar stays in decent condition with slight chip off her left shoulder cutaway. Pickup cover wear on the hardware is rather graceful and her vivid cheery sunburst outshines so you wouldn't notice much the minor flaws she has. Lastly, the original Ibanez leather case comes along with this sexy vintage.