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  •  SOLD  1982 Ibanez AR300
    Mahogany Embraces the Iconic Triangle
Check out this sweet 1982 Ibanez Artist AR300 in bright sunburst finish. Its signature design including the intense figure of the flamed maple top, mahogany body and tri-sound switches was loved by many so much that Ibanez revived the same model 20 years later in 2004, but Ibanez Artist models in 80’s, along with AS200, can’t be compared with the later models made overseas not in Japan. To speak a bit more about features, fretboard inlays are mother of pearl with Abalone inserts starting on the first fret while sculpted top, double cutaways and perfect heel make upper fret access effortless.

This model has the Tri-Sound pickup switches per pickup, which allow for full humbucking, coil splitting or parallel phase configurations. These Super 58 pickups play over multi-tonality and the definition of the sound they produce may blow out a Gibson.

When it comes to maintenance, the body has unfortunately a widely visible lacquer wear on the bottom left part of the front body, and lesser degree of chip-off on the top part of headstock. A substantial discount has been applied to make up for the cosmetics. Other parts are all functioning excellent, including straight neck, electronics, and action. Conclusion – this is still a tempting iconic vintage indeed.