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  •  SOLD  1990 Ibanez AS200
    Influenced and loved by John Scofield
Put up here is the legendary hollow body Ibanez AS200. Since its debut in 1980, AS200 has been John Scofield's main guitar for 20 years. Sturdy build with the highest standards and the best of materials, coupled with the well balanced high/low tones attracted him so much that years later Ibanez came up with the fully digitized reproduction version of JSM series evolving from the same prototype of AS200 except a Prestige neck and a side output jack.

AS200 plays and sounds warm, rich and full/lush. Tonality can be played across multiple level by the unique feature of Tri-sound switch (serial / parallel / reverse coil), in combination to the 3way bridge/neck pickup selector. If you want to play as close as Scofield sound, you may consider his favorite way of stringing, D'Addario strings custom set: .013, .016, .022, .032, .042, .052.

Speaking of this guitar, it stays pristine for more than two decades and thus has little cracks or scratches, except half a fingertip-sized dent around right rim. Please examine the photo. Also note, serial number H00009165 indicates it was manufactured by Terada Gakki(meaning Music in Japanese), a prominent OEM manufacturer of Ibanez and Greco over their peak era.

A sturdy hardshell case ships along to your door. As the final words, if you are a serious fan of Ibanez hollow body, GB10 and AS200 are the absolute minimum set of your collection, then you will also consider adding JSM100, JP20 and LR10 to your Ibanez jazz guitar inventory.