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  •  SOLD  1996 Ibanez AS200
    Influenced and loved by John Scofield
Put up here is one of Ibanez’ most successful hollow bodies, AS200. Since its debut in 1979 AS200 has been John Scofield's main guitar for 20 years. Sturdy build with the highest standards and the best of materials, coupled with the well balanced high/low tones attracted him so much that years later Ibanez came up with the fully digitized reproduction of JSM series evolving from the same prototype of AS200 except a Prestige neck and a side output jack.

AS200 plays and sounds warm, rich and full/lush. Tonality can be played across multiple level by the unique feature of Tri-sound switch (serial / parallel / reverse coil), in combination to the 3way bridge/neck pickup selector. Also to add, much sought-after pickups Super 58, only found in the high end of Ibanez guitars, define the impressive tonality.

When it comes to the cosmetics and playability, the guitar stays in very fine shape, displaying little sign of oxidation and cracks / dents. Neck is straight, frets are about 70% left, but I admit I hear a bit of buzz on higher frets, I believe reason being that thick strings are put (.10 .18 .25 .36 .42 .54) for jazz bassline practice. Lastly, the serial number F627247 indicates it was manufactured by Fujigen, one of the three legendary guitar builders along with Terada and Matsumoku.