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  •  SOLD  1993 Ibanez AS200
    John Scofield experiments with Mahogany body
If you are familiar with Ibanez hollow bodies, you must be confused to see mahogany body on AS200, not on AM205! Yes it is surely AS200 in that the coil split switch is in present, which AM205 lacks.

So this must be a custom edition of AS200 which otherwise features flame maple body by default. I would’ve suspected this being a prototype if there was not serial number imprinted, which is not the case here, therefore the guitar is obviously a commercial product.

Compared to maple body, the benefit of mahogany body should be more passionate resonance, which can boost up with the unique feature of Tri-sound switch (serial / parallel / reverse coil) and the much sought-after Super 58 pickups whose expression ranges from warm and soft to full and lush.

When it comes to the cosmetics, this 1993 model has survived 30 years in graceful shape. Oxidations and scratches are negligible. There are 3 spots of lacquer wear you may still want to check out, two around the lower part of bridge pickup and one near the bottom strap pin. Lastly the rare vintage of mahogany AS200 flies out with a sturdy gigbag.