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  •  SOLD  1999 Ibanez GB-10
    A must item for all jazz players
A customized Ibanez GB10 is waiting for her new owner, a jazz player preferred. Detaching the bridge pickup resembles the upscale version, GB20. In fact Joe Pass model(JP20) and Pat Metheny(PM100) also features single pickup, which I find very fascinating and I believe you are also a fan of simplicity and minimalism.

The ideal mix of spruce top + maple body + ebony fretboard adds luxury to the pearl and abalone inlay, which is laid nicely over the fretboard. The supplementary nut in addition to ivoroid one between the 1st fret and headstock sets it apart from the other prominent hollow body guitars. A glimpse at the string tuners, specially-designed with half bone/half brass nut, also gives an idea of masterpiece craftsmanship.

Floating pickups is another astonishing feature. Co-designed by George Benson for hollow bodies at higher volumes, floating bridge pickups eliminate feedback and play warm, well rounded output. You may easily lift up/down by single screwing from the top of the pick guard. This also gets rid of the pickup rings, making the pickups stand out and the gold hardware shinier.

Detailed photos have been taken to prove her excellent maintenance. Serial number indicates she was born in 1999. A minor chip-off at the top of headstock and heel are the areas you would note. Neck curvature, action, intonation are all good. This guitar is shipped worldwide with a sturdy gig bag. (For those who question why 'George Benson' inlay on 21st fret doesn't show, it has been discontinued in 80's.)