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  •  SOLD  1978 Ibanez GB-10
    Designed and loved by George Benson
A graceful vintage of Ibanez GB10 is waiting for the new owner! The ideal mix of spruce top + maple body + ebony fretboard adds luxury to pearl and abalone inlay. The supplementary nut in addition to ivoroid one between the 1st fret and headstock sets it apart from the other prominent hollow body guitars. Floating pickups, another astonishing feature co-designed by George Benson, eliminate feedback and play warm and well rounded output. Lifting it up and down comes effortless by single screwing from the top of the pick guard. This also gets rid of the pickup rings, making the pickups stand out and the gold hardware shinier.

Looking at the condition of maintenance, a fair bit of binding wear found and oxidation is on the way. If you are super picky about those cosmetics, you may take the guitar to a luthier and get the binding re-done, which would cost a couple hundred dollars? A substantial discount is put on, considering the repair if ever needed. Lastly, the original box-shaped hardcase ships along with this beauty.