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  •  SOLD  1979 Ibanez GB-20
    Upscale version of GB-10
Up for sale is Ibanez GB-20, the upscale version of GB-10. You would come across GB-10 once in a while but GB-20 is much rarer. It is said this model has been manufactured only for 5 years from 1978, which may explain the scarcity.

Featuring specially designed Johnny Smith style Floating humbucker, meticulously sourced woods with precision binding, and smooth D profile neck lets your fingers dance themselves once you put them on the fingerboards.

Speaking of the guitar condition, all parts are original except refret and smaller/better looking knob. As shown on the photos below, what may concern you is binding wear and 15cm long crack on the neck. Worried about cosmetics and further progress of crack, I took her to ESP workshop, one of the best repair shop in Tokyo, and was advised that the neck is in stable condition and no maintenance required unless paying several hundred dollars for redressing the cracked bindings.

So, taking those issues into consideration I placed a huge discount for a serious player concerned more on the sound than the cosmetic of the guitar. A vintage sturdy case will be shipped together with this masterpiece.