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  •  SOLD  1990 Ibanez GB30
    Different Flavour of GB
In seeing the huge success after launching GB10, Ibanez took another initiative by inviting the living legends of jazz guitarists – John Scofield and Joe Pass (LR 10 of Lee Litenour considered as a bit of different genre) to make their signature guitars, AS200 and JP20 respectively. In comparing the family trees though, I should say GB30, introduced here, must be influenced by AS200 and AF200 family, one being semi hollow and the other full hollow.

So GB30 inherited the same shape of body but with thinner rim (45.7mm vs GB10 being 62.1mm). Floating pickups were replaced with the dry Super58, and sustain balanced by Gibraltar II bridge. And the black is the new gold, applied by a charming lacquer finish. Just adorable.

Lastly, the serial number starting with H0xxxxx can be translated as Terada Gakki(music), which crafted the highly sought-after Greco guitars. Best of the best of the best!